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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

2 tents up, 9 more to go!

Today we are starting to set-up for the "Chateau De Fleurs Marketplace". The calls are coming in and directions are going out! I'm getting so excited to see all the Ladies participating and to view all the treasures they have been storing up for our event.Here are a few of the things Rita has made and she is bringing lots more today!


  1. Hi Cristie! Boy, you are going to be one busy gal for the next couple of days aren't you!! I wish you and all the other wonderfully talented ladies much success!! Don't forget to take photos of all the pretty items everyone has to post here on your blog. Looking forward to seeing them. Warmest, Brenda

  2. It all looks so beautiful already. But I'm not surprised as everything to do turns into a work of art. Wish I could come visit, but that little store of mine keeps me pretty tied down these days!
    Take care, Sue

  3. Hi Christie,
    Ooohhh it looks soo pretty .. i'm soo hoping to be able to get down there .. The weather is to be gorgeous too .. what a wonderful week-end for a market .. BEAUTIFUL !! Have a happy day ~
    hugs ~tea~xo

  4. Christi & Rita,

    Looking at the pics. you posted makes me feel like a kid on christmas eve. So excited to be able to be there and see all the wonderful treasures.
    Thanks for all the hard work ladies!



    YOU GO GIRL. I can't believe you have a blog. Good thing I read about it on someone else' blog today. I'm so happy I can reach out and talk to you as often as I want to.

    Good luck,

    Big Hugs,