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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Along The Garden Path

I was out at the Jamestown fleamarket last Sunday and came across another sweet vintage garden scene, and I had to have it! It seems that I am starting a little fettish for them. I already knew I had two packed away in a box from when I  moved from the beach cottage,where I once enjoyed them in my kitchen. Now I'm thinking I might put them out again in the new house. They are so charming and the path through each spring garden seems so full of joy and peace, just like I pray my real life path would be.


  1. I too was out at the Jamestown Flea Market in Tustin--love that flea market, so sweet, lots of goodies, and no admission fee. I love the garden path pictures you posted. There is just something so peaceful and tranquil along garden paths--they evoke wonderful feelings.

  2. Those pictures are beautiful, I love the last one most of all!

  3. The bottom one reminds me of the beach one of your paintings I have with the surfboard. Be sure to let me know when you will be "returning" to Country Roads, your fans are anxiously awaiting ;0}
    Take care, Sue

  4. Christie I don't know what there is about a garden path that just charms me too. I am always showing Dale (my husband) pictures and saying, this is what I want everywhere here in the garden. Of course he just smiles and wonders how I am going to get this all done.
    Your lovely pictures would be wonderful to display in your new home. I can only imagine the beautiful pictures you can paint of paths in a garden.

  5. I love the pictures they remind me of an English country garden in full bloom how could they fail to give pleasure.

  6. Christie, It was great visiting with you this evening!!!! I can't wait to get my two bird canvases! Love your blog!
    Cindy Logan