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Saturday, March 27, 2010

The Darker Side of Me

Last weekend during the Marketplace event , I had a couple of antique dealers come into my studio/shop and comment on all the pink, cream, and white and then inquire whether or not I ever do any darker colored paintings? So in honor of their request I thought I would share with you some of my darker inspirations.


  1. I don't think you realize it, but you could paint anything your little heart desires! I don't think you realize that "yet" but I see it in the near future. Yep, you know me, I have all the answers, ha-ha! Still working on finding you a wall space at Country Roads. Our customers and "us" miss you!
    Take care, Sue

  2. These paintings are very striking Christie! Just beautiful. They are perfect for adding that little punch of "wow" to a room.

  3. Oh did my sister & I love it when you went to the dark side! She loved them for their more "French" feel and I because they remind me of the Flemish floral paintings I love! The darker background just makes your roses "pop"! Gorgeous!

    m ^..^

  4. These are beautiful! Your roses really stand out against the dark background. They have a French look to them. I love your lighter ones too of course.

    Lee Laurie

  5. Christie these would be such a lovely contrast to a light and airy interior. They are so stunning and I agree with M from oc cottage, they do remind me of the beautiful Flemish paintings.
    I am still so excited that you are blogging!!!

  6. Hi Christie, I love your paintings, whether they are on a lighter or darker background, however the darker background is really nice!! hope you are doing well, didn't know you moved to Fallbrook. I am looking forward to your photos of country life!! Stacey

  7. Hi Christie,
    LoVe what EvEr your hands create !! Always Beautiful, and soo real looking .. you are Amazing ~
    hugs ~tea~

  8. Hi Christie,
    The darker paintings are lovely indeed but I am so drawn to your lighter ones. Beautiful roses! Have a lovely week.


  9. Absolutely Breathtaking Christie!

    Can't wait to Flea Market in a couple weeks!!!


  10. I love the darker side of you! (there's no side that isn't gorgeous and sweet)

  11. I really like the 'darker' side of you!! Also, your table looked fantastic at Glitterfest!!

  12. Dark or Light, your work is beautiful Christie! hugs! karen....
    Ps... I was a couple of tables down from you at Glitterfest. With Robin D. Howes....