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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

More Reminiscing " My Laguna Beach House"

 I shared before that I had recently moved to a big house in the country ( Fallbrook, CA. ), where I have my studio/shop and also the Marketplace every 3 months. I am anticipating taking you along the path with me of decorating it and since I have not really started focusing on it yet,I first wanted to share some photos of the beach cottage I lived in for the past 7 years. I was so blessed and priviliged to have had the opportunity to  live in Laguna Beach, It was truly beautiful in so many ways .If my photos are a bit blurry its because I had to take them from my facebook photo album 


  1. Oh Christie,
    Your beach cottage looked so sweet and charming. I know that your new house will in no time turn into your home with all your beautiful and personal touches. Can't wait to see pictures. Have a great day.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  2. Wow! It looks gorgeous! But it just leaves me wanting to see more, More, MORE!

  3. Christie, your beach cottage was simply heavenly! So warm, cozy & oh-so romantic :) I know in time your new home will be just as warm, cozy and romantic as this one was. I look forward to you showing us photos of your new home as you decorate and style each room :) That's always the fun part! Have a wonderful and creative day! Warmest always, Brenda

  4. Moving from a place you loved will only help you fall in love all over again as you begin your new journey in this house. We never know where life takes us, and for myself, I just try to enjoy the ride.
    Take care my friend, Sue

  5. Beautiful.
    I like your sprawling place now even more, though.
    Room to spread your wings.
    Thank you for a beautiful event and your friendship.
    Keeping my eyes peeled for frames for you.
    See you soon!

  6. Hi Christie,
    It is so nice to be able to say hi to you!! I have many of your prints in my home and I am excited that you have a blog!! I also have the romantic homes magazine where they should your studio from 10 years ago!! I look forward to see your newly decorated home!!

  7. Sweetie, any home you have will be a charming, beautiful home filled with love and grace. Hope you are doing well over there.xoxo Lidy

  8. It always seemed like the ideal cottage!

    m ^..^

  9. Hi Christie,
    This was truly BEAUTIFUL !! I believe I saw these pictures in romantic Homes a long time age .. See, I fell in LoVe with them, cuz I STILL remember drooling over the photos .. hahaha ..I just adore that rose picture hanging over that bed .. Can't wait to see what your new home looks like !! How fun, to start all over .. Thanks for sharing such beauty with all us girlies ~
    hugs ~tanza~ xo

  10. Ah ..what a lovely space ..comforting and cozy ..as I'm sure your new space will be too ! And How fun to start a fresh.

    Looking forward to seeing how you transform your new home sweet home. It's already quite lovely !!!


  11. Christie I know I have told you before, but I fell in love with your home when they featured you on HGTV's Country Home (I think that was the program) and I was smitten. I don't know if it was this home or not, but everything was soft and calming and just so beautiful. It really made an impact on my decorating style. You do everything with such beauty.
    It looks like the market was wonderful!!! I am so happy for you two. You put in so many long hours and it showed.

  12. Hi, new to the blog world and just found your site. What a treat!
    Your blog makes me so homesick for my home state of Calif! Adore your new darker paintings!
    Your show must of been so fun! Look forward to seeing more posts!