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Saturday, March 13, 2010

Something New Out Of Something Old

Honestly in this economy, I'm like everyone else, looking for new ways to use something I already have , recycling, re-purposing, re-creating or what ever you call it, it can be fun! Here is an old dresser I had with pretty beat-up drawers, everytime I looked at it I thought it was too damaged to decorate with artwork so I kept passing it by. Then one day I was going through my fabric box and pulled out a piece that I just loved but was too fragile to sew anything out of, then it dawned on me to decopauge the beatup drawers of my dresser with it! I love the look of my dresser now and I get to see the pretty fabric everyday. Another Idea came to me as I was staring at this french script paper I got at a scrap-booking store, I loved it so much and wanted to incorporate it into my artwork, then again, it dawned on me to decopauge the mat around my art with it! I love the french appeal it gave my painting of roses without spending allot of money.


  1. That dresser turned out so beautifully! I could stare at it all day :). I'll have to give that a try someday if I find a dresser that looks like it's on it's last leg, and give it that kind of make over. And what you did for that picture....oh la la!! It's always fun to take something that looks like it's seen it's last days and turn around and breath new life into it. You did a terrific job!! Wonderful creative ideas you have! Keep them coming Christie :)

  2. GORGEOUS!! I really can't believe how pretty it turned out!!!

  3. You are awesome Christie, and SO talented. Remember I'm your biggest fan. I am also very, very proud of your blogging skills. Look at your girl, you already have a bunch of fans. Speaking of fans, I need to take off to "the store" in a few minutes. Let's hope the customers are kind and gentle today!
    Take care, Sue

  4. Truly clever and very beautiful. I really like what you did to the mat.

  5. Hi Christie! A friend told me about your work. I'm back in school studying art and just completed some roses and didn't realize how hard they are. I really respect your work and look foward to purchasing a piece for myself to inspire me with! What a lovely dresser and I LOVE the painting with the script mat, very beautiful! I'll take two please ha!


  6. Your dresser turned out great!! Thanks for sharing.

  7. I love the dresser, Chrisite. I love it. I missed snagging an old chest at a sale here in Oklahoma yesterday. It went for $8 and I was sick and faint. Wasn't meant to be. :(

    Now...about your mishaps from the day before...many times!

    I've decided that when my days end up being filled with trouble snf chaos that in the end they are keeping me from something that could make my life worse. Maybe you staying in and having to redo the signs kept you off the road and out of unforeseen danger? :) God might be protecting us even when we don't know it... :) :) :)

    Love to you~Rebecca

  8. You know Christie...anything you touch just turns into beautiful artwork. ♥Love♥ how your dresser turned out. Simply beautiful. Happy Monday.

    Hugs and Kisses,

  9. So beautiful! I love what you've done with the dresser!!

  10. Oh my, Christie, how beautiful your dresser turned out! I LOVE it. Have a beautiful day.


  11. I have always known you to make everything you touch a piece of art! The chest is now an heirloom.
    I love the mat from the script paper. The two compiment each other beautifully.
    I am just sick that I have missed so many of your posts, I have been such a slacker of late.

  12. gorgeous! you are beyond creative! i've seen your work for years in romantic homes mag. and loved it! i just now stumbled upon your blog, much to my delight! thanks for sharing your works of art! i am a new follower! :)