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Friday, April 2, 2010

"Happy Birthday Cherise!" Love, Mom

Twenty-two years ago today I had a beautiful baby girl! I was so excited when I learned I was having a daughter, another girl in the family. I grew up the oldest of 3 brothers and always longed for another girl, hopefully a sister to share my life with, play dress up with, share my thoughts and dreams with and just be friends. But my Mom keep having boys. I was famous for dressing my brothers up as little girls when holloween came around, I thought they looked so pretty in all the make-up I put on them .Anyway, todays the day I got my GIRL! but guess what she turned out to be my little tomboy. I tried endlessly to dress her up in ribbons and lace but as soon as I turned around she stripped down to diapers and her pink high top tennies.She has always been so full of life and energy and a star athelete, no roses or frills in her bedroom or on her clothes, but beautiful just the same. This year my daughter shocked me when she told me what she wanted for her birthday, that she wanted to spend the day with me at Carlsbad Flower Fields and then go shopping for something to wear and have lunch. I was so excited, I told her that everyone was going to think I bribed her into doing what I wanted her to do , she just giggled. Well we had a wonderful time , sharing our thoughts and dreams and a beautiful day in a flower garden, she even wanted a dress with rosettes sewn on it, and instead of tennies she wore her high heels.


  1. Cherise couldn't have picked a more suitable place to spend a day with mom then at The Flower Fields... Just visited few weeks ago, it was awww! breathtaking.... Just Beautiful! Happy Birthday Cherise!

  2. Happy Birthday to Cherise! They grow so fast, don't they? I remember the girls dressing up Bryce and adding make up and more. Sometimes I miss those days, oh wait, I'm still living through "those" days. Glad you had a really special day with your daughter.
    Take care, Sue

  3. What a wonderful day for you both! She is adorable and looks like you! So delighted to know you got to spend her special day together.

  4. beautiful heartfelt post :) Happy Birthday to your baby Girl.... Enjoy your weekend and remember the Cross over this weekend.

    Smiles and blessings,

  5. Christie, your daughter looks so much like her beautiful mom. Having a daughter is truly a blessing for a mom. Always a built in best friend.I can't think of anyone I would rather spend my time with than my sweet daughters. Cherise and you must have had a beautiful day.I hope she had a wonderful birthday. The flower fields are lovely.

    I am always in awe of the climate differences between us.
    Have a great Easter!

  6. What a beautiful name Cherise is and she's a beautiful girl too! I have 3 boys but I made them all promise that at least one of them will give me a girl grandbaby someday:)

  7. Cherise is beautiful, Christie. What a wonderful day you must have had together. I somehow never got to the flower fields when I lived out there, isn't that silly? Happy Birthday to Cherise!


  8. Christie, Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter :) I hope you and your family have a beautiful Easter. Besos, Rose

    ps..I have 2 daughters...19 & 13, both daddies girls and hate to wear pink or anything girlie...but they never complain about all my pretty things...they just say...that's our mom...our frufru gaudy girl :) gotta love them right :)

  9. Happy Birthday Mommie and Daughter!
    It is always the Mother's birthday as well as the child's, for that is when your child's presence outside your body lights up your world and changes your existence from Woman to Mother forever.
    Cherise is a Brunette version of you.
    Blessings and Happy Birthday to you both!
    Much Love,

    OMG Christie, Cherise looks just like you ... 'what a beautiful girl' .. and what gift for you both to spend a wonderful
    mother and daughter' day together ..That was very sweet of her to want to share her special day with you.
    Please give her a hug from me, even though she probably will not remember me ... I only saw her one time at your Mom's house a few years ago ... I can't believe she is so grown up now.
    My love to Cherise and to all your family.
    Hugz ..Betty