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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Garden Inspirations

I'm starting to get my energy back after  doing the last 2 shows and now its time to replenish my shop with new inventory. So while I am doing that, I thought I would share some of the clever and inspiring items people were selling as garden containers in Olivenhain.


  1. Hi Christie,
    It sounds like you and Rita had a great show. I am sure that you two are just spent from all the work, but feeling great about your success.
    These pictures are wonderful. I love the cooler filled with flowers, but I am dying over the crusty, rusty garden chair, with the flower contaiiners on it.

  2. I love all these neat containers - that chair is fabulous, too! I'm glad you had successful shows, my friend. Hope to see you once I have some free time.


  3. LOVE the garden photos! Its that time of year for the flowers and I love it!
    Take care, Sue

  4. Hi Christie,
    I took a photo of that cooler too..did she sell it? It was one of the cutest things! I've been busy so have not posted about the sale just yet. Should be up by tonight. Hope to make it to your sale in June! You deserve a break girl..take time for yourself. :)


  5. I was so thrilled that you visited my blog.
    I have one of your beautiful prints gracing our "Rose Room." It was the first decorative piece I bought after our home was lost to Hurricane Katrina. Your paintings bring such joy, you truly capture the soul of the rose.

  6. Gorgeous!!!! love your pics ~ I'm a new follower!


  7. It was a pleasure to meet you at the Olivenhain Grove Sale. The sale was so
    beautifully done. I am a fairly new blogger
    and I hope you don’t mind that I mentioned you and the beautiful event on my blog. How elegant...a sale in a lemon grove! It is always a pleasure to find your lovely roses.
    I will see you in June.

  8. Hi Christie!
    I just found your blog and of course it is as sweet as your painted roses!!
    I love rustic old compliments in the garden and your pics give me lots of ideas!
    Thank you for sharing such a fun place to visit . . . I just signed on as your latest follower :-)
    P.S. I'm a new blogger and am having a GiveAway announcing friday if you'd like to take a peek at my blog!

  9. I just love garden flowers mixed with chippy, or rusty treasures...I love the first picture.

  10. I', soooo going to purchase one of your gorgeous paintings this year. I am! Whoot Whoot!