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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Another Great Day in the Country! "Matilda's Mouse Fleamarket and Barnsale"

My sister -in-law Rita http://mammabellarte.blogspot.com/ and I went out to another Matilda's barn sale http://matildasmouse.blogspot.com /yesterday, we had so much fun treasure hunting  and saw so many good friends. I am just amazed at all the wonderful displays of things in this place, it's just filled with old architecture,traditional and shabby antiques as well as garden and junk chic items and the prices are very good!!!!!!! Enjoy the photo's, it's just a glimpse of all that is really there, Christie


  1. Great photos Christie! I saw the bike on Rita's blog. I want it!! It was so nice seeing you and your son last week. Where does the time go? I remember when he was a little boy!

    Take care, Sue

  2. How great is that! We don't have any barn sales in this area....makes me want to buy a barn now though and do that! lol I love the bike and love the truck even more! Diana

  3. That's my bicycle, Andrea is just borrowing it! Great photos SIL. I had a wonderful time. On may way to Little Italy. Talk to you soon Ciao Rita

  4. G'day Christie ~ What a fabulous flea market ... I want that bike! What a fun day you had, I envy as we don't have them around here. :(

    Have a wonderful PS summer weekend ~
    TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

  5. Hi Christie...oh this looks like such fun. You would have had a hard time getting me to leave this place!!! Thanks for sharing the photos...I LOVE it!!! Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  6. What a great day! I had so much fun.....I'm looking forward to your next sale !!!!
    xoxo Robin

  7. So much awesome stuff all in one place. That truck would look great sitting in the pasture out back. Better yet, driving me to the PO everyday.LOL!
    hugs to you from here...

  8. I met you at this barn sale and I will be taking a class with Rita in October so looking forward to seeing you again there. This is the first time I have been to Matilda's Mouse. It was such a fun day. I guess I was in awe because I only took a few pictures. Thanks for sharing your pictures, you did capture the feel of the sale. My friend bought the shabby white buffet you have pictured so I will have to show it on my blog when she picks it up and gets it decorated.

  9. Oh Christie, I should of went with you guys. It looks like you guys had lots of fun! Next time Im going for sure.xoxo Lori

  10. I'm turning green. Everything looks incredible!
    I want those hand mirrors for a collection.
    Can you imagine how amazing that truck would look restored?...although I do love the existing color and patina...it would be a great background for pics!

    Thanks for letting me shop vicariously through your trip!

  11. Bonjour Christie!!! A warm thanks to have visiting " mon petit atelier" . Your work is a delight . You are a great artist!!!
    Everything is so stunningly beautiful.
    Chaleureuses pensées à vous de France. ♥ Hélène Flont.

  12. Hola Christie, I love everything about your home, garden and your so wonderful furniture roses paintings aahh!!!! I´m so happy you have dropped by my blog thus allowing me to meet you.!!!
    You have a new fan and if you don´t mind I will add you to my favorites blogs list...
    muchos cariños from Chile,
    maria cecilia