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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Gorgeous Vintage Rose Patchwork Quilt

   Lucy of Paris Flea Market has her own blog now http://parisfleamarketdiary.blogspot.com I just love the things she decorates with and sells.She is known for her vintage romantic style with lots of chandeliers and old architecture mixed with rose barkcloth pillows and upholstered french furniture.  I met her about 8-years ago when I fell in love with a french settee she was selling at the Rose Bowl flea-market. The settee has been a prop in my studio ever since.She has also been  featured several times in decorating magazines. Here is a wonderful quilt she made out of vintage rose fabric scraps!


  1. thanks, I am going to go visit!!!

  2. Oh yes I see all your colors in this quilt! it's beautiful. Have a great day. Rita

  3. Hi Christie :) Wow!! This quilt is just gorgeous!! Love all the wonderful vintage fabrics she used in it. I'll most definitely check out her blog!! Thanks for letting us know :)

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  4. Hi Christie,
    It is gorgeous...I hope your week has been good so far.


  5. Hi Christie!
    That quilt is gorgeous, my mouth was wide open when your blog opened. It's almost beyond words. I'll go check out Lucy's link when I get back from my walk in a little while (but will bring up now... so I don't forget ;)
    Drop by if you get a sec to see my little outdoor area under bistro lights, I'm open to suggestion from you! Have a beautiful week, Christie!

  6. That quilt is gorgeous!!!! Thanks for the link! I can't wait to check out her blog!

  7. How lovely!! Great use of fabrics that were too small to do anything major with...beautifully put together-heading over there now. Diana

  8. its beautiful, and love the day bed too!!!

  9. This is too beautiful for words Christie! Thank you for sharing the link to her blog. I can hardly wait to get there.
    Hugs to you from here!

  10. Hi Christie, I apologize for this post being long and was going to email you but I thought your readers should see this as well.
    I just read your feature in Somerset Home and when I saw the floral swirls - I knew immediately it was you. What a surprise to see you in a Somerset publication (I've been there too!). Christie, I first "met" you when Romatic Homes picked up an article on you and your painting - gosh that must have been way back in what 2002, 2003? I know my son was just a baby and he is 12 now! I had always painted as well but when I saw your beautiful roses and leaves I was so inpsired and I spent many many years imitating (in a good way) your style covering almost every piece in my house with floral swooshes of acrylic paint. I never did quite reach your level of painting skills but what was more important was how much you inspired me - for many many years - and you probably never even knew it! In any case I still work full time but pursue my passion for art and beauty on my blog and in my esty shop. I have to say you are one of my first inspirations where I actually took my art seriously and I couldn't let the moment pass by without telling you - THANK YOU. I will be back often - i've bookmarked you! Cathy

  11. Hi Girlfriend!!!LOL so much going on....I will share soon! Hope to stop by to say "Hi" I miss our talks & laughing about things...
    xo Sherry

  12. hi christy,,thanks for featuring my pretty quilt,,let me tell u why i started making a few of these,,its because i had quite a collection of eiderdown quilts,,well after several washings i was getting feathers all over the house and constantly patching the tiny holes,,this got to tiresome for me ,,and since i love the softness of eiderdown feathers ,,i pulled together all my scraps from my pillow making and salvaged my feathers,,so now i still have my eiderdowns but they are inside my scrap quilts,,they are so cozy on our chilly california nights ,,especially since we only have a tiny wall heater for our entire house,, hope to see u at one of your future sales,,lucy