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Thursday, October 21, 2010

"Something Different"

As you probably know I am getting ready for my upcoming holiday shows "Tell Me About The Good Ole Days"Nov. 5th&6th and "Chateau de Fleurs Vintage Marketplace" Dec. 3rd&4th. Every year I try to come up with some different ideas for christmas ornaments because I get bored with the same so easily, so here are a couple new ones for this years shows. They are petite notebooks 2 1/2"x3"and petite rose canvas's on small easels 3"x3".They were al lot of fun to do.Christie


  1. We should make a book for ourselves.....a calendar book. They are very useful too.
    Ciao your SNL

  2. these are adorable,
    i loVe the tiny sizes,
    perfect stocking stuffers

  3. I LIKE all of your "something differents"! Of course anything you do turns out totally awesome!

    Take care, Sue

  4. Christie- Those are BEAUTIFUL! So very, very pretty. I'll bet you don't have a thing left to sell when the sale is over! I know that you have poured a lot of love into them. Hugs- Diana

  5. Beautiful I hope you have some for your December show. I'm looking forward to it.

  6. Christie...these are really cute...everything so beautiful..Oh, you know what...those corners on the notebooks...are those made out of metal or plastic? I think I saw something like that at yard sale...in fact, I KNOW I did...but I passed on it because I had no idea what it was used for...rats..:) :) I"ll make sure and keep an eye out for those items next time..These are beautiful...and those fancy corners are a nice touch to the notebooks :) :) :) LOVE all the photos actually :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  7. These will be such a hit Christie. So pretty. What a great idea the easel and canvas is. Nothing better than a little rose painting done by the Master.
    hugs to you

  8. Those are so darn pretty! I love how they decorate your tree! Have fun at the show, I will be missing all of you!!!

  9. They are all very pretty! I like the way the ree turned out also. Have a good Friday....Julian

  10. Christie, Your new items are adorable! Can't wait for the show! Have fun @Good ole days Show!
    I'm still getting ready too!for my boutique!

  11. G'eve Christie ~ This is just beautiful. I love them on the tree, clever & unique.
    Have a wonderful PS week ~
    TTFN ~Hugs, Marydon

  12. Hi Christie~
    Those are just fab! So looking forward to the upcoming shows, see you next week.

  13. Miss C...

    I found you FIRST because of my sweet friend, Tanza (I call her Sweet Tea!) and I've been a HUGE fan ever since. Because of her love for your work and praise of your sweet spirit and talented hands I found you! How blessed I am!

    Thank you for visiting me today. Such an honor.

    God's best to you this season...

    Love to you~Rebecca