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Monday, January 3, 2011

An Interview and a Giveaway!

             Sweet Janet of  Shabbyfufu 
 asked if she might do an Interveiw with me and host a give away in honor of the post. She asked me some interesting and fun questions. So if your curious to read my answers or just want to enter the give away to win these 2 one of a kind handmade items, go on over to visit her at:


  1. Hello Christie... I already visited sweet Janet, and that is how I found your blog... I am fortunate to own one of your beautiful paintings!... you are such a talented lady... I have also signed on as a new follower of yours... I LOVE roses of all kinds... the pendant and bottle are just gorgeous!... xoxo Julie Marie

  2. G'day Christie ~ Your beauty in your creations just sweeps one away ... so romantic & serene. Being the pink rose gal that I am, it is a quest to continue to find beautiful rose art, as is yours.

    Lovely interview with Janet.

    Pop over for our lovely CSN GIVEAWAY!

    Have a beautiful New Year ~
    TTFN ~
    Hugs, Marydon

  3. BRAVO, FELICITATION Christie!!!
    It's a wonderful and exciting interview.!!
    Love on Janet's blog, the picture of your painting in the making, the wall with all the roses, the creamy colors of the last one, well, love everything.
    A pleasant interview well deserved!!
    ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

  4. Hi Christie,
    Ohh, I like what I see.
    Janet sent me here and I'm glad I came for a visit and now become a follower!

  5. I am off to have a look right now, thank you so much for the heads up. I have always loved your beautiful work. You have so much natural talent, Char

  6. Hi Christie :) Happy New Year to you! I've already been to Janet's blog to see the interview, which, by the way, was wonderful, and I've also entered the Giveaway for a chance to win these 2 beauties :) LOVE that sweet bottle!

    Warmest hugs, Brenda

  7. Oh I just adore these little treasures!!! This is a wonderfully sweet giveaway :) Xoxoxo 1942charm.blogspot.com

  8. Hello, I just found your beautiful blog. What a wonderful giveaway, I am also a new follower. I want to wish you and your family a very Happy New Year. Terri

  9. Hi Christie!

    I just became a new follower, sent over from Janet's blog. I enjoyed reading your interview and seeing some of your beautiful work. I've also added you to my "Favorites" list, so I'll be following along on a regular basis. Looked back at some of your older posts and just know I'm going to love the ones coming up as well. Happy New Year!


  10. This is wonderful! I'll be back to look around more, but first to follow, then to go sign up for giveaway!!

    barbara jean

  11. I love this sweet and lovely giveaway! I've admired your work for a long time.

  12. Christie, I read your interview and would love to win your beautiful items. Your work is so beautiful.

  13. Happy New Year Christie!!!! I have your amazing artwork ALL OVER MY WHOLE HOUSE!!!! I am now officially a follower :) Absolutely LOVED LOVED LOVED the interview, Thank You! I am always looking forward to your new inspirations. They are ALWAYS BREATHTAKING!!
    Take Care & Blessings To You

  14. Hi Christie, what a wonderful giveaway, it's all so beautiful... I was here visiting yesterday and just had to stop back by, I was so inspired by looking around your blog, it has made me want to redo my whole house, everything is just gorgeous here!!! I just love all the whites and pinks... my absolute favorite colors! Hope your having a wonderful week!
    Blessings~~~ Daphne

  15. Hi Christie,

    You have the most wonderful talent and generous giveaway. I have several of your canvas prints (9 and counting) that I have acquired over the last 11 years. My husband really does know what a girl's best friend is.

    Thank you.

    Warmest Wishes


  16. Hey Girlie, loved the interview!! I remember going with you to Sue's, what fun and inspiring that was. After all these years, I am one of your biggest fans!! And your friendship is very special!
    Wishes & Hugs!

  17. Hi Christie,
    Just wanted to let you know, I read/saw the interview over at Janet's Shabbyfufu blog. I really enjoyed the interview and the photos.

    I can't say enough nice things about Janet, it's lovely seeing you over at her blog.

    Have a super week, sweetheart!

  18. How nice to learn a little bit more of you Christie and how clever Janet is to have managed this interview.
    That wall with all your masterpieces is quite a treat. Would love to watch them in live.

    You are very inspiring Christie. thank you for that.

    ♥ Hélène Glehen ♥

  19. Love your Christmas gifts...what thoughtful friends and family!! I love your art work and am the proud owner on only one piece of your art work...I'll have to work on that. Thanks for the beautiful art work! Saralee

  20. OOps, forgot to mention that I read your interview on Shabbyfufu blog, enjoyed it very much! Saralee

  21. I seen that give a way over on ShabbyFuFu blog and entered.
    I always like seeing her blog and now yours


  22. Christie, you are so talented.I've just become your follower and the giveaway is fab..xx

  23. Christie, so much beauty here since my last visit!!!
    Wishing you and family much happiness and joy for 2011.
    maria cecilia

  24. Christie,
    I am a long time collector of your work and I just love looking at your paintings everyday. My friends and I enjoy coming to Chateau De Fleurs Marketplace every 3 months to find a new treasure. Loved your interview on ShabbyFuFu blog and what a great giveaway.

  25. christie, i am a long time follower of your paintings and work. i love the soft time worn look of your paintings. they have such a peaceful look to them. i love the bottle and the necklace. i would absolutely love to win these!!!

  26. Love your giveaway things I have a couple room they would work in. Happy PS Laura

  27. Christie,

    What a great interview and wonderful giveaway! You are my favorite artist and I am lucky to have several of your paintings.

  28. I am already a follower and would love to win in the giveaway!!