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Monday, February 21, 2011

Once Again It's Countdown Time for Our Vintage Marketplace !

Please pardon me for a little bit,  I will be missing in action as I am behind the scenes getting ready for another big show. So I am leaving you some random photos of the vendors booths and displays from last year. Hope you enjoy them, we have such a variety of creative women that do the show, so there is something here for everyone.

The fabulous vendors joining us for our March 4th & 5th show are:

Broke Jewels
Trinkets Baubles & Bits
Touched By Time
Mermaid Glade
Cynthia Bardeen
Under the Sun With Me
Cottage in The Garden
Rachel Luna/ Vonni Ware

Come on out and join us for the Chateau De Fleurs Vintage Marketplace!
March 4th & 5th 2011
At my house in the country, 1524 S. Hill Ave.Fallbrook Ca. 92028
We would love to see you! 


Friday, February 11, 2011

Favorite Things in My Kitchen

I love a little bit of black detail in things along with my roses! I have co-ordinated my kitchen to go with my living room from the previous post. My kitchen is filling up with quite a few vintage treasures : old dishes, a straw garden hat with millinery flowers, and a barkcloth kitchen towel.

please join me for "What's in your Cottage Cupboard?" blog party.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Making Progress with my Living Room!

I just finished sewing the rose barkcloth drapes and throw pillows for the sofa and I  would still like to paint the walls cream, but for now I have progressed to this point. I just love the vintage sheer ruffled priscilla curtains I recently found out antique shopping with my friend Lori Martin of  Two Wild Roses. Now it's back to preparing for the March 4th & 5th Vintage Marketplace at my Studio and in my Yard. Check my website for more info!
Also please join me over at the "Wow us Wednesday" party to enjoy a whole bunch of creative women sharing their latest ideas !!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Thank you for all your input! Here are a few of my preliminary conclusions...


   I have taken in all your feedback and I am letting it resinate in my heart and mind. And as I am doing that I have come to realize there are 2 types of classes to be taught. One is decorative painting where you paint a design on an object and the second is canvas painting or (fine art). Although I am rooted in decorative painting , my heart and mind loves the challenge of a good canvas painting.
   The knowledge is basically the same for both, only the first uses the object as the background and the second needs a background painted around it.
    So I am coming to some conclusions to start with:
 #1 Putting together a self published book of designs/patterns with drawings to trace and paint in, with  instructions on decorative painting.(for purchase on my website)
  #2 Having my studio open once a week (saturdays?) for painting on canvas workshops (art class) focusing on rose and floral still life.
 #3 The second idea of an art class once a week could lead to the DVD idea.
 #4 I will also consider women to come from afar for a  weekend painting seminar as things evolve and I get my guest room finished.

  Please feel free to keep giving me your thoughts, it's all preliminary thinking! XO, Christie

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

I'm Thinking of Starting Up Painting Classes and I Need Your Input !

   I have an extra space separate from my home that seems perfect for having painting classes. The space is a good size and has a small kitchen and a bathroom and is not being used at this time.
   Before I completely decide to take a walk down this path, I was wondering if you might give me some feedback on the thought?
 - What would you like to learn from me?(roses are a given)
 - To do a canvas painting where I would have a still life of roses/flowers set up already where you could paint a painting in a day (like the Victorian ladies used to do)?

 - For me to have a project and design organized and set up for you (or) for you to bring your own project for me to help you with?
 -What day of the week would be best for you?
  Feel free to give me your input, believe me I greatly appreciate it!!! XO Christie