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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Thank you for all your input! Here are a few of my preliminary conclusions...


   I have taken in all your feedback and I am letting it resinate in my heart and mind. And as I am doing that I have come to realize there are 2 types of classes to be taught. One is decorative painting where you paint a design on an object and the second is canvas painting or (fine art). Although I am rooted in decorative painting , my heart and mind loves the challenge of a good canvas painting.
   The knowledge is basically the same for both, only the first uses the object as the background and the second needs a background painted around it.
    So I am coming to some conclusions to start with:
 #1 Putting together a self published book of designs/patterns with drawings to trace and paint in, with  instructions on decorative painting.(for purchase on my website)
  #2 Having my studio open once a week (saturdays?) for painting on canvas workshops (art class) focusing on rose and floral still life.
 #3 The second idea of an art class once a week could lead to the DVD idea.
 #4 I will also consider women to come from afar for a  weekend painting seminar as things evolve and I get my guest room finished.

  Please feel free to keep giving me your thoughts, it's all preliminary thinking! XO, Christie


  1. So love that piece of fabulous art! It is gorgeous!

    Have a beautiful week ~
    TTFN ~
    Hugs, Marydon

  2. I think you are on the right track. I have a friend that is doing the same thing and her business has grown by leaps and bounds. I will look up her link late tonight (or tomorrow) and post it for you. She is seriously talented, as are you, so I think you could do the same thing. She also travel teaches. Diana

  3. I am so happy you are going to share your gift with us. I look forward to seeing your new books with the tracings. I am stick man challenged! Thank you, Char

  4. Hi Christie,

    I am very happy to hear you will be sharing your gift with us...like Char said:) That is very generous of you. Over the last ten years, I have come across many floral artists...all very gifted..but only two have remained very dear to my heart..and you are one of them. Your ideas sound wonderful...all will benefit one way or the other. I look forward to your classes,books and DVD's. I would love to visit with you sometime this summer:)Do you think you will be teaching by then?

    Thank you Christie!
    Mary from Ontario Canada



  6. Hi Christie~ Goodness, I have adored your paintings for quite awhile now and I think classes would be amazing! I am in Northern California, but love the idea of a weekend retreat class- how fun!! Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my sideboard~ hugs, Courtney

  7. Hi Christie dear....thank you for taking the time to visit me as well. I sure do know how busy you are! I love what you said about success...so true.

    Looks like you are hitting on some good ideas about the classes. Surely you would do well with something on line or a retreat. The "events" seem to be extremely popular amongst bloggers and you would certainly have draw from across the country, I'm certain of that!


  8. Dear Christie,

    I meant to comment on your last post regarding the art classes, but work and long hours at the office got in the way, darn it! LOL!

    I'd love to come to your art classes (depending on the cost of the class and what my budget is at the time), and it doesn't matter to me whether its a canvas or object we paint on, I'd just be happy to be there painting with you! I'm fairly local to you (Los Angeles) and am thinking I could just take the train down (avoid traffic) and get a rental car from the train station to your studio. Because I work a full-time job, weekend classes would work best, but I'd possibly be able to take a Friday or a Monday off work if you decided to do a three- or four-day seminar type of thing.

    Question: what level of artist will you be dealing with or prefer to have at your classes? I have never painted on canvas in my life and as far as the type of work you do, I would be a total beginner. If there are certain techniques/supplies, etc. you could recommend in the meantime, I could practice before the classes start. Frankly, I would love to practice beforehand so I don't embarrass myself to death in front of you and any other accomplished artists in class!

    All of the ideas on your list sound good to me; even if I was able to come to your classes, I'd still love to have a book and/or DVD of yours. I'm just grateful you are willing to share your talent and knowledge with us!



  9. I think both ideas sound wonderful!!! I've never painted much, so any kind of painting classes would be wonderful, in my opinion :) :) Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  10. I would love the book idea, I'm sooooo far away that coming to classes would be a rare thing for me, but the book!!!!!

  11. Hi Christie,
    As I too live far far away {down in Oz} a book would also be my first option.
    Lucky for those that live closer to you and can get up close and personal. lol

  12. Christie ~ your ideas sound wonderful! I am like Char above, stick man challenged!...so a book with tracings sounds wonderful to me as does a DVD. If you had a book with tracings in it though, would you not have to worry about your protection as an artist...as in people copying your tracings and passing paintings off as a "Christie Repasy"? Now I KNOW that none of the lovely ladies on here would do that, it's just a thought that I'm throwing out there for you to consider. Then again, even if designs were traced, they could still not measure up to your own hand painting. To put it simply, your beautiful work can not be duplicated exactly! Whatever you decide to do, I will be watching with interest. To learn from someone like you would be amazing! Oh and thanks for sending me a note a few days ago. ~Stacy~ (*_*)

  13. Hi, so glad that you have formulized your ideas quite quickly. Being afar, a DVD in combination with a book would be great. I find that with a book only, it is sometimes difficult to "hear" what the artist is trying to say in print. Please consider doing a combination. Looking forward to seeing what you decide. sincerely diane from canada

  14. Christie, sounds like you have some wonderful ideals.... I just love the art you have shown today!!!
    Blessings~~~ Daphne

  15. That is so exciting! Can't wait to see you and attend the Marketplace March 4-5 -- it's just around the corner! -Diane

  16. Olá Cristie,amei sua pintura,doce,delicada,suas rosas são lindas!Gostaria muito de pintar assim!Tenho que estudar muito ainda!Sou do Brazil,Mato grosso do Sul.Amei seu blog!Espero aprender com você!Obrigada,beijo!

  17. I love your living room ..it's perfect! ..I can't believe you have a black and white striped couch ..that is my dream couch and I've actually been looking for one... I told Rita I was looking for one. ♥
    PS ... although Nate says to stay away from patterns and stripes. :^(

  18. I have long admired your roses and so I am thrilled you are doing a book for us that want so much to paint roses! I know it will be wonderful!

    Your living room is pretty and so inviting!

  19. I forgot to add....for those of us that are too far away to come to a seminar...a DVD would be devine!!!!!
    Jil, again

  20. Hi Christie...

    Thanks for popping over! Loving your living room pictures.... So pretty... And, how lucky you are to be able to display some of the MOST beautiful paintings..... :-)

    I so wish I lived closer..... I have done decorative painting for years, but my roses leave a little bit to be desired. I haven't found a teacher that can paint in that lovely old style around here.... ... I've even considered china painting to learn the basics.

    Have a wonderful week...


  21. wow! i can hardly breathe! i'm just so excited that you are thinking about putting together a book,dvd's classes, etc. i would love to learn to paint like you! i'm hoping i can figure out a way to come in june to ur class!