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Monday, June 6, 2011

We Had Our Best Show Yet !!!

My SIL Rita and I were just blown away and overwhelmed with joy with all the people who came out to support "The Vintage Marketplace" at our new location "The Oaks" country park in Rainbow CA. We had a steady stream of shoppers all day long! I know both Rita and I were practically sold out of our wares the first day of the show! :)  Because I was so busy I was unable to take many photos so here are a few blog links of ladies posting on our show. Hope you enjoy their pictures!  Tatteredgoods, Gotart, Trulytattered,
 Crusin' Over SixtyMammabellarte, and also check out our facebook fan page  The vintage marketplace. XO Christie


  1. Congratulations on such a great show. You are probably exhausted now! Have a happy monday, love Linda x

  2. Christie, The show was truly fantastic! We were planning on doing other things in the area but it was so fun we stayed, and stayed, and stayed. Talking to everyone, laughing, and eating at that great place there.
    Hope you have recovered!
    Thanks for stopping by TT Blog!

  3. Oh yes, I did enjoy their photos! I'm so glad you ladies had a great show!

  4. Wah...I wanna come next time!


  5. How exciting.... Congrats on a great show! I'm fixing to check out all the pictures!!! Hope you have a wonderful week!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  6. Wonderful Christie.....I love you both and am so thrilled!


  7. Oh, Christie- I am sooo happy that the show was such a success! How wonderful! I knew you would do well-your talent is amazing!

    I have a question for you- Do you ever sell prints of the rose picture that you are using as your header? It is absolutely beautiful! xo Diana

  8. Good for you!!! I knew it would be a huge success!!! Now get some rest....hugs...cleo

  9. I went and It was wonderful fun. The people were so nice and I found some wonderful things. I have photos I took on my website now at www.cruisinoversixty.com

  10. I've LOVED looking at all the pictures on different blogs! If I didn't always have to "work" I would love to go to one of your shows. You and Rita should pat yourselves on the back for putting together something so magical!!

    Take care, Sue

  11. Congratulations on a great show, Christie! I am so sad that I missed it this time, but will try very hard to be at the next one. My friend Carol went and really enjoyed herself a great deal. I saw pics of your booth on Debbie's blog (Blossom's Vintage Chic) and it looked fantastic!



  12. Hi Christie,
    I love seeing everyone's comments about what a great time they had. You and Rita (and Dean) out-did yourselves again. I met so many new wonderful customers and new vendors as well. I think this may have been everyone's best show. Thanks again for everything you do!
    Super blessings,