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Monday, January 16, 2012

Grisaille Painting Class with a Few of the TVM Girls!

I have been asked several times to do a class on my "underpaintings" or "Grisaille" which is a study in monochromatic color values. I use this method to design or build my compositions first before laying down the colors. The word Grisaille is French and gris means grey. I also do mine in sepia tones.

The "Girls" had a blast and so did I, it was good for me to share something I normally don't put much thought into. Here are some photos of our day! XO Christie

Missy of  "Chateau Chic Boutique" with a French Toile sample behind her.

Reverse toile sample of light on dark.

Rita of "Mammabellarte" and Valerie.

Sweet Naomi working away...

 And then our famous "Potluck" lunch where the girls bring the most amazing food to share!

Homemade pasta salad!

 Homemade brie with a nut and fruit compode!

A wonderful French dessert by Valerie!

Some of the finished pieces! Bravo Girls!!!

And cute Amber of "Black Rooster Cottage" with her masterpiece!


  1. I am still dying to take one of your classes. I drool every time I see a post of them. Sigh.

  2. Ahhhhhhh I would love to someday be sooooo lucky to join in on one of your painting classes!!! It looks so fun :)


  3. That looks so fun~~!! Nice Grisaille ladies!

  4. Nice work, Ladies! I am always fascinated to note the differences each artist displays, even though each one is working from the same subject.

  5. It looks like a wonderful day Christie. I bet you are the best instructor in the world!
    I wish I would have read this before 10 pm because now I'm hungry after seeing all that great food :)

  6. This is a wonderful class and lessons, with my favorite roses. And a lovely dinner I see,

    Regards Janny

  7. A perfect day! Sheesh my attempt at grisaille would look like a bunch of gray-ish blobs! Everyone paints so beautifully already! It would be a dream come true to take a painting lesson from you Christie *winks* Vanna