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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Learning from the Past and the Best!

Sharing heart to heart as an artist, designer, painter, and lover of vintage. I am both a student of painting the rose and now a teacher , and one of the main things I try to give to my students when they come to me is an understanding of my journey of learning to paint roses, and where my root of inspirations have come from...

I myself, like so many others, began a path of pursuing to learn to paint roses many years ago (over 25 now) and probably like many others, was not able to find a rose teacher (of our time) to learn from.  So after taking some oil painting classes at a local Jr. College, I began a search to find someone to teach me what I wanted to know and learn, and it lead me to a local china painting studio in Orange Ca. It was there I was able to share my passion to learn roses with the sweet little woman named Hulga who owned and operated the studio. Although I was not looking to learn the art of china painting, I have always admired its beauty on the porcelain dishes. So Hulga kindly directed me towards a wall were she kept all the patterns that her students used to paint from.  I was able to obtain china patterns from artists like Jean Sadler, Sonie Ames, Franz Aulich, Franz Bichoff and also painting books filled with Catherine Klein vintage postcard patterns. I felt as though I was in rose inspiration heaven! Hulga then sweetly incouraged me to enjoy using the patterns I purchased to re-paint and learn from and make them part of my path of seeing and learning to interpret painting the roses.

Hulga has since then passed away and her shop has closed but I will never forget her because she opened up a world of vintage design and inspirations to me.
I was also able to meet with Jean Sadler at one point before she passed away and spent the day with her as she shared her path learning to paint roses from the same artists. That will always be a special memory in my heart as well.

There is a lifetime of things to learn from these artists, and I have truly enjoyed sitting at their feet to get just a bit more knowledge and insight each time, and try to see the beauty of the roses through their eyes. 

I would like to share some of the art I have studied and repainted  over the past 10 years using C.Klein postcard patterns and what I have learned from each one. She has been my favorite teacher out of all of them, she is above to me, in design, consistant source of light & shadows, softness and suble color and seeing the beauty of nature through her eyes and in her sweet birds.

(a consistant light souce and good design)

(simple designs and soft colors)

(a bit more complicated natural design)
( Her flowing rythmatic sense of design) 

(always a good light source and simple composition)

(seeing the sweetness of nature)

(changing vintage designs into new designs)

(learning to see the way light hits the shapes of the rose petals)

I do not consider myself on the level of any of the artists mentioned here in this blog and especially Catherine Klein, but what I would like to share with you is what joy I have had and how much I have learned from them, I would not be who I am today in my own journey of learning to paint the rose,  without them. And for all those who come to me as a teacher to learn to paint the rose, my classes are rooted in these wonderful artists of the past, especially Ms. C.Klein.
Here are a few of my more recent paintings...



XO, Christie

Sunday, January 13, 2013


Rita and I
are getting ready for our next show March 1,2,&3 and we have chosen a "vintage garden" theme appropriate for Spring. So in planning the design for the front entrance, Rita had some great ideas but we were a little dissapointed knowing one of her favorite flowers would not be blooming at this time of year, the hollyhock. Then the lightbulb went off in my head, to paint her some for the display! Here are some photos of my painted garden as I had fun proping them around my house and yard. They are now in my office waiting to be displayed at the entrance of our upcoming "Vintage Garden" themed show !
XO Christie